Riyadh Project

The IRP Riyadh Project was a collaboration between Clingendael Institute (the Netherlands) and Radar Groep BV. The project started in April 2010 and was completed in April 2012. The aim of this project was on the one hand to analyse recent developments in relation to civil society, women and intellectual trends and debates in Saudi Arabia, and on the other hand to promote and foster practical cooperation between researchers and organisations in Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands.

The first theme focused on how Saudi women perceive and experience the creation of parallel female spaces in education, the workforce and civil society. The second theme studied whether Saudi Arabia’s civil society has a socio-political transformative potential. The third part focused on intellectual trends and debates about citizenship in Saudi Arabia.

Research report:
Meijer, R. and P. Aarts (eds) (2012) Saudi Arabia, Between Conservatism, Accomodation and Reform 

The research report as well as the translation of the research report in Arabic can be downloaded at:
Website Clingendael 

Last Modified: 04-11-2013