Khartoum Project

The IRP Khartoum Project started in February 2011 and was completed in September 2012. The project was executed by the Centre d’Études et de Documentation Économiques, Juridiques et Sociales (CEDEJ) (Khartoum) in cooperation with the University of Khartoum. The project aimed to create a better understanding of the legal, political, and social aspects of religion in Sudan. In this regard, the project aimed to contribute to an alternative and insightful reading of the political sphere and of the official use of religion in politics.

The two central themes, ‘New Religious Trends’ and the ‘Status of Religious Minorities after the Referendum’, are interlinked and include these different aspects of religion, revealing its multifaceted practices, usages and expressions. The first theme covered modern Sufi actors, Salafism, Islamic centrism and Islamic think tanks. The second theme studied the position of Christian and Muslim minorities in Sudan and South Sudan from a socio-legal perspective.

Research report:
Ahmed E. (2013) Islam and Society in Sudan

The research report can be downloaded at:
Website CEDEJ

Because of the increasing pressure on civil society in Sudan, sub-reports are published online with explicit permission of the authors only.

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