Dakar Project

The IRP Dakar project, which was conducted by the African Studies Centre in the Netherlands, started in September 2008 and was completed in December 2010. In addition to the execution of academic research, the project served to provide the embassy staff with background knowledge on the role of Islam in political and economic life in Senegalese society.

The programme consisted of three sub-projects: the first served to analyse the relationship between Islam and politics, in particular the influence of the Senegalese Islamic brotherhoods on politics and vice versa. The second focused on the role of Islam (Islamic actors and networks, Islamic values) on the economy and the investment climate, and the third project analysed the role of Islamic actors and ideas in the public debate on good governance in Senegal. Particularly interesting was that throughout the research, the findings of the three sub-projects came to increasingly reinforce one another, contributing to the emergence of a dense picture of the changes and continuities of the role of Islam in Senegalese society over the last decades.

Research report:
Kaag, Mayke (ed.) (2011) Islam et Engagements au Sénégal

More information about the research report: African Studies Centre, Leiden

A book publication with publisher Khartala is being prepared (ed. Mayke Kaag)


Last Modified: 04-11-2013